How to cope with anxietyHow to cope with anxiety

Anxiety Symptoms – What to Look Out For

Everyone at least once in their life experiences anxiety. Yes, this is true and is so because we are humans and everyone has the feeling of fear or uncertainty at some point which leads to anxiety but the issue with anxiety can be very serious and mostly be passed as a disease or form of disorder for other people. Today everyone worries about money, work, family, school, bills, debts and other responsibilities that makes anxiety a must but not with some people. Depending on an individual anxiety symptoms may vary from very serious and frightening symptoms to very normal once.

Depending on the anxiety levels of a person, critical measures need to be taken for instance symptoms like excessive seating, racing heart beat, breathlessness, nausea, cold flashes or even dizziness which are categorized under the psycho physiological component; lack of concentration irritability, loss of control, feeling of dying, and so on which are categorized under the psychological component and too much awareness of what people say, acts of isolation and feeling excessively uncomfortable which are categorized under the interpersonal components are all very import to look at.

Some common and uncommon anxiety symptoms include chest pain which is mostly caused by tension in the muscle, overstated nerve impulses which mostly leads to shortness in breath and feelings of suffocation, racing heartbeat, difficulty in swallowing, excessive sweating, immediate or sudden loss of skin color, shaking, unable to speak, cold flashes, paranoia, isolation, numbness in most parts of the body, constipation, sexual dysfunction, skin rashes, insomnia, drying of mouth, nightmares, increased aggression, quick tempered, feeling of death or committing suicide, depression, stress, frequent headaches, and so many other symptoms.

Anxiety symptoms are displayed in various ways which means mostly only professionals can tell if someone is suffering from an anxiety attack or not. Many people hide behind the shade or shell of being shy and respectful but it is mostly anxiety. Feeling anxious from time to time does not mean you have a problem or does not mean you are sick but there have been instances where anxiety has led to many people missing great life transforming opportunities and that are where the problem mostly lies.

Just imagine going for a very important interview and coming to a conclusion you won’t be employed just because of the other applicants you see. How can you think like this and be employed? People with extreme anxiety issues are those that mostly think like this because they do not believe they are good enough and always think everyone is better than they are which is wrong.

Also, I have witnessed situations where people just faint upon entering a gathering not because they are sick but because they are scared or feel uncomfortable; just imagine that. Most people live their lives in isolation today forgoing all opportunities the world has given them just because they are afraid to make things work. Anxiety sometimes though is beneficial because when you feel anxious before an occasion or event, the chances are that you will feel less anxious when you go to the event that when you make people feel you are in control before the event.

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